Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Breakfast Hotdogs anyone?

So yesterday I was a little freaked out about the amount of buns we had left vs. the amount of actual hot dogs in the fridge.  I was a little concerned that the poor buns would languish on the counter without a mate until they finally got thrown out.  (No, there's no deep psychological significance here from my college days, really).   So, I tried to sell the boys on the hottest new breakfast item on the menu.  Banana instead of dog, peanut butter instead of mustard?  Who wouldn't love that?  I threw a little cinnamon on the top as insurance and made my pitch.  I had two takers and a third who broke down after watching the others' delight.  The other buns got slathered with butter, sugar and cinnamon and sold at a discount.  I'll have to talk to Hubs about nailing down a more accurate bun::dog ratio next time.

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  1. that is just too funny! Always ready for seeing something for the first time at my age!!!

  2. YUMMY !! What a great idea !! =)