Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Curriculum for the 2010-2011 School Year

Today I finally put in the order for the bulk of our homeschool curriculum.  After much deliberation, scouring ebay for deals, and trying to find free shipping, I placed some orders.

And the winners are:

For my Kindergartener:
Bible:  The Beginner's Bible, Seeds Family Worship and some of the materials from Raising Rock Stars.
Logic: Bambino Luk puzzles, dot to dot, mazes, puzzles, memory, etc.
Math:  Horizons K, hopefully some Cuisennaire Rods as funding becomes available
Reading:  Hooked on Phonics (This is one of the few programs that focuses on word families by word endings.  Many reading programs focus on initial blends.  HOP has been a major blessing for us and the one we keep going back to.)
Electives:  Spanish through our co-op.  We want to try Kinderbach for music.

For my First Grader:
Bible: The Beginner's Bible, Seeds Family Worship and some of the materials from Raising Rock Stars.

Logic:  LUK Puzzles, Metaforms, Animal Logic, Soduku Puzzles, Checkers, Card Games
Math:  Horizons 1
Reading:  Phonics Pathways, Abeka Reader, Primary Phonics Readers
Language Arts:  Language Lessons for Little Ones (I am not a Classical or Charlotte Mason kinda gal, but he is definitely that kinda learner.)
Latin:  Prima Latina
Spanish:  Power-glide Spanish by Alpha Omega
History:  Story of the World (I prefer the Mystery of History Series for its Christ centered focus, but this is what they are teaching in the co-op, so I hope to purchase the corresponding MOH to do on our own.)
Science:  Considering God's Creation
Art:  I am saving up to purchase "How Great Thou Art"  by Barry Stebbing.  My two oldest did a class with him live last year and it was the bomb diggity.
Music:  Go Kinderbach.

My Fourth Grader:
Bible:  Balancing the Sword, Precept Studies for Children by Kay Arthur
Math:  Teaching Textbooks
Reading:  BJU, Reading to Learn by Christian Light Education
Language Arts:  Growing with Grammar
Spanish:  Power-glide
Latin:  Prima Latina
History:  Story of the World, Mystery of History
Science:  Considering God's Creation

Seems like a whole lotta stuff going on, but when you have four boys 8 and under, it really helps to have lots of short lessons to keep them engaged.  Really helps.

I am also thinking of using Galloping the Globe or Expedition Earth (by confessionsofahomeschooler).  But this should keep us busy and out of trouble for now.

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