Monday, January 7, 2013

My Favorite Free Mommy Apps

When I first got my smartphone 2 years ago,  I was obsessed with finding cool apps.  Irritatingly so, as my family will tell you.  Most of them were duds, or as cool as they were, I just didn't have time to pursue them.  However, there are a few that I still use all the time.  To this day.  And so, I must recommend them to you, you savvy technological person, you.


The Holy Bible by You Version Bible App
This app has been so useful!  I use it at home for reading to the kids, I have used it to bookmark verses for the LivingProof Blog Siesta Scripture Memorization Team, I use it in Church on Sundays when the Pastor says, "Turn in your Bible to Ephesians 4:21".  It is highly rated, well regarded and around here it is tried and true.
Click here to download it in the android market.
Click here to download it to your iphone or ipad.

Daily Scripture Readings, Roboticode Ltd
I have Identity in Christ, Uplifting Psalms and Wise Proverbs.  I turned of the thingie that sent me a reminder each day, but I have the icons on my screen and can get a quick word whenever I want that way.  Robiticode has different versions now as well.
Click here to download in the android market.

Color Flashlight

Ok.  This app is ridiculously helpful.  We have used it at night in the backyard to put the chickens to bed.  We have used it to find shoes underbeds.  You can use it to look under the hood of the car, to find your way out of the building in the event of a power failure, to check on sleeping babies.  I can never seem to keep track of the flashlights around here, but I ususally always have my phone handy.


Cozi is an online organizer app.  The best thing about it is that I put it on my husband's phone as well and he can instantly access our family calendar before he makes any plans.  He puts stuff on there and if I go to schedule something on a Packer game day, he has already blocked it all out.  It is super user friendly and I can schedule recurring events at the touch of a couple of buttons and enter notes such as the address or phone number for appointments.  I can also use color coded buttons to show which family members are attending.  Cozi is more than just an awesome calendar, it has a "To-Do" section and a "Shopping" section among other things.


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