Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sweater Boots, Vomitus and Togetherness

For this moment, we are living out of a hotel.

I am sick with the flu.  Or croup.  Or a flu that makes you bark like a seal.

I am sensing the morning sickness ebb away.

I feel like a terrible mom.

My kids feel like I am a great mom, because homeschool has been greatly condensed and they have gotten to watch more television and play more video games than the law allows.

We got to the end of what clothes I was able to pack during our lightning evacuation from plumbing distress.  My husband laughed at my outfit.  I ran away to Target in an attempt to better myself.  He laughed even harder a half hour after I got back when he finally noticed my apparently sad attempts to better myself.  I guess the sweater boots I purchased on clearance did nothing to improve my capri sweats and sweater outfit.


You know what?  It's okay.

Sometimes, during the moment, we only see the challenges.  Like the time we arrived at camp at 10 pm only to realize we left the tent poles at home.  Or the numerous vacations where we have found ourselves on the side of the road trying to clean vomit out of the crevices of a car seat.  Or a few days ago when we were huddled in the bathroom trying to convince my preschooler that it was okay---that he really wasn't missing anything---and it was time to fall asleep. 

Time passes and the gift of perspective comes and it is the working out of challenges that bonds the family.  Those challenges become shared memories and shared jokes.  The "you had to be there" jokes where we were there.  Together. 

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