Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I am so grateful that we are finally in a hotel that can accommodate us.  We stayed in a hotel close to our house for three days, and it was OK as it had two full beds and a pull out, but we needed long term accommodations and were having lots of trouble getting any commitment from anyone as to who was going to pay for us to move out of the home we had already paid rent for. 

We "Priceline" 'd two different hotels for the next two days and because of the way Priceline works, you have great prices, but very little control over what hotel and what room you are put into.  We ended up in single rooms with double beds.  Which is always interesting because my preschooler (who doesn't go to preschool) absolutely cannot fall asleep with anyone else in the room.  One night he was up until midnight.  The next night we got him to bed by 10 pm by the five of us hiding in the bathroom from 8-10.  That was not a pretty sight.

So, now we are in a room that is literally bigger than some apartments!  The owner got ahold of someone who knew someone and got us in a room with a kitchen, free breakfast, a living room area and two bedrooms.  Each bedroom has a full bathroom.  We are booked for a week until a convention comes to town. 

The property manager has convinced the owner to give her control over the renovations once the hazmat crew finishes their work.  She has loyal vendors who will work 24 hours a day 7 days a week in hopes of getting us home.

I heard that they had some of our clothing out on the driveway packing it up into some sort of boxes.  There is plastic everywhere, even the ceiling.  The den, which is like a patio conversion, still has a slider and locking back door leading to it, which always bothered us.  Well, now we are grateful, because my husband was able to move most of our belongings into it.

I couldn't bring myself to blog the last few days because I didn't want to whine and I was really ready to whine.  Or cry.  Or let someone have it.  There are so many bigger problems in life and I am just grateful for all the blessings that I have.  I know that God is working for our good.  His plans for us are for our good and more amazing than I can hope or dream.  But I was really caught up in the details of how to take care of meals and clothing and all those things that are not my strong suits anyway. 

And it was freezing here in SoCal!  Y'all can call me a wuss, but you have to remember, we own very few pairs of long pants here in California.  Most of our clothing budget goes to summer dresses, capris, I could go on until you gagged for real.  We practically wear flip flops year round.  I haven't bought a jacket yet this season and my warmest wrap right now is a hooded sweater.  And it was too cold to stand outside and dig in the trunk that held our belongings until I found it.

 I thought of the homeless people who abound in SoCal.  The warm climate shields them from the harsh elements.  Whenever the thermometer starts to dip, we think of the cold souls huddled behind buildings.  My sister said, "Wow, aren't you glad that you aren't homeless for real."  It is so true.

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