Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Awesome Vacay!

What an amazing time we had on our vacation!  I was a little worried about taking the boys to Vegas.  They are getting a little older, and lets just say that Vegas is a destination that can inspire some deep conversations.  And I always try to make sure that God is the #1 invited Guest on our vacations.  But when I invited him to Vegas, I kind of paused.  Will You really come with us, even there, my LORD?

Psalm 139:8
If I go up to the heavens, You are there; if I make my bed in the depths, You are there.

What an amazing God we serve!  From the smooth ride there, to the room upgrade at the hotel, to the blessed time in the pool with my babies, I felt like I was travelling on the arm of THE VIP. 

We stayed at Mandalay Bay.  My husband was there for his yearly Fantasy Football Draft.  He and his buds get together every year, rent a boardroom, and do a live draft for their teams.  It is serious business and they look forward to it all year.  So we decided to make it a family event this year.  

Mandalay Bay has an unbelievably cool pool.  Their are actually 11 pools including a lazy river and a wave pool.  Our favorite was the little lagoon connected to the wave pool that had a 1.5 foot deep area for my toddler.  He ran and dove from one end of that little lagoon to the other and back again countless times, screaming a little battle cry all the while. 

My eight year old swam in the wave pool by himself checking in every three waves, while my four and six year old wandered over to the four foot side of the little lagoon we were in.  It could not have been a better set up for maximum fun.

My Mom came along as "The Nanny" and thoroughly enjoyed the 3 day stretch with the boys.  When we dropped her off, she was utterly exhausted, but had a smile on her face.  Which is the best way to end a vacation!

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