Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer is here!

Yes, you read that right.  It is August 23rd and I am just starting to get in the groove of summer.  Here in Southern California we have had an unbelievably mild summer.  It truly did feel like spring was lasting forever!  Yeah!  But now we've got the air conditioners cranking, we are all cranky, and I went out and watered my grass this evening-even though we hardly ever water our grass.  But I wanted to be in the cool mist while the house was hot and stuffy.  I wanted to see my oldest turn the corner on his way back from a walk with the neighbor family as it started to get dark.  I wanted to take in the smell that grass has only during the hot days of summer.

I have to take in the summer groove quickly, because I also sent the boys' registration paperwork in for their homeschool satellite program today.  I mailed in the syllabus for the class I will be teaching.  I mailed in the boys' "Course of Curriculum" paperwork.  I perused the "Back to School Bargains" inserts.  I need to cling to the pace of summer a little longer.  Maybe I should commit to sprinkling a little more of the relaxed summer attitude throughout the school year.

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