Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here we are....

Welcome to my blog! I hope I come up with something entertaining, valuable, or insightful to share.

I have had a little side obsession with reading other people's blogs for awhile, now. My dear friend started one when she moved out of state and I would check daily to see if her little girl had donned any new hair bows or her baby boy's toothy grin was filling in. I didn't realize that soon I would add to my list. First, I read a blog of someone I had recently met to check up on a missions trip she had taken. I read her blog, written like a diary, and fell in love with this dear soul. I got to know her in a way that I wouldn't have if it weren't for the good ol' internets. Slowly I began to find that I was drawn to read the updates on these "cyber friends" more than the headlines on "Yahoo News". I mean, who cares about what Paris Hilton is doing when Pioneer Woman is on her cookbook tour?!

So, here it is. My offering back to those, who like me, can fall in love with a soul they've never met, once they find out that they share some of the same weird qualities, laugh over the same jokes, and seek answers to some of the same questions.

Yes, it is time for me to stop lurking and come out of my shell.

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